Logan gets his OHV permit

July 10

My older son, Logan, turned 8 last month and has been excited to get his OHV permit (801-538-7433) so we can hit the trails without worrying about the 5-0 catching up to us. The course is two-part, they must take a 50 question T/F and multiple choice test and pass with at least 75%, then the have to pass a riding safety course. Logan did awesome on the written test, we studied a lot, and had no trouble passing all the skills on the riding course.

If you know of good spots or want to get your beginner kids out for a ride, let me know, we’re looking for people to ride slow and mellow with!


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  1. Stacy Stickler

    February 6, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Just an update. The 800-OHV-RIDE number for the education program has changed. Please use 801-538-7433 for your education needs.

    Thank you!