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FS Volunteer day and solo ride

I decided to take my bike with me to the volunteer service day for the forest service, if I’m going to work on the trail, then I should be able to take some time to enjoy it as well. I hate to admit it, but I found the new section from the trailhead up to Steel really fun to ride… if you ride it faster than you really should 🙂

When I took off, I didn’t know how far I wanted to go, but the weather was beautiful and I was having a good time, so I hammered down almost 50 miles (wish that was 50 miles of singletrack, but alas a lot of it was road).

Route: Steel Hollow -> down Richards, all the way -> around and up Seep -> back up Richards to Whites -> out to Mill Hollow (017) -> back and down Card West -> burned the pavement back to RH trailhead. Ended up being really fun.

There were a LOT of ATV/UTV/cars on the road, but I only bumped into two people on the trail, a mountain biker, and a fellow trail rider, Brian G.

Full photo album here.


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