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Zac’s Hollow

Awesome… should just end it there, because that about sums it up. Another seriously good time was had at Zac’s hollow. The conditions were great, we did have to saw it up a hill through a couple feet of snow, at that point I’m not sure which was overheating more, my bike or me… we were both steaming. This place is a blast! Thanks to Zac and family for letting us come and ride this treasure.

I’ll never forget coming out of a group of trees and seeing a huge coyote go running by in front of me, then not 20 ft. behind him was Zac trying to keep speed with him through one of their big fields.

Crew: Zac, Nate, Dane, and me.

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Workout ride – Newton Dam

Rode with Chaz and Scott out at the Newton Dam track. It was a pretty good work out but I was right in the middle of a crappy pneumonia attack. The weather was pretty good when we got there, but turned rainy right when we started having problems with a flooded bike…

My bike started feeling pretty good on the whoops, I’m thinking I like this new suspension setup.

Can’t wait until the trails start opening up in the hills.


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