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Family Ride: Sink Hollow – Beaver Creek – Old Logan road

We decided to go up as family and enjoy the cooler weather rather than swelter down in the valley. Mom hasn’t ridden with the boys for a couple of years and was very impressed with their riding, she officially can’t keep up on the ATV anymore. It was nice to have her along as the sherpa, we loaded the 4-wheeler with lunch and sent her up the road while we took the more challenging Sink Hollow trail. Landon started the ride off with a nice dive into a mud puddle. We had a couple of exciting moments in the rough rocks, but overall, the boys rocked it up the trail. It was a good fun ride.





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This year’s Beav2Soda ride was pretty spectacular, conditions were very good.

We got up early and left home just after 6am. We were on the trail rolling at 7:30am and back to the truck just before 8pm. Everything was really wet at first and the trail was a little greasy. Sink Hollow was great, but we chickened out on dropping snow slide and up St. Charles, which is one of my favorite sections, but with how wet it was and how many miles we had yet to go, we decided it would be better to add sections at the end of the ride if we wanted to rather than the beginning.

Our route: Sink Hollow -> Highline until we got close to Copenhagen Basin, then we cut off to go see our Salamander pond via Green Pass -> Liberty Creek back to Copenhagen Basin -> Lunch at the truck in Copenhagen Basin campground -> Highline again all the way to Soda Peak -> Down the Wilson Creek Single track, then we burned some jeep roads back towards Emigration/Copenhagen -> Highline back to Egan Basin -> then for a last little fling, we dropped into Gibson Basin and took the Higline back to Beaver Creek campground.

Crew: Neil, Porter and me. The only other dirt bikers we saw on the trail all day were Charles Rhodes and Jake Lee.


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Providence and 016

Took my bike to Brock at Brockstar Performance and he added some magic sauce to my bike by way of new Brockstar Suspension (new springs for fork/shock and custom valving) and the custom RK Tech head.

What better way to test them out than to try to chase Brandon up Providence Canyon and over to burn the 016 trail? The morning rain meant conditions were awesome and the new mods felt really good! I’d ridden Prov a few weeks ago and this time it felt like a was able to get up on top of the rocks and keep the momentum up a lot better than last time. Low end grunt seemed really good to me and the bike sounds a little bit different, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to detect a difference in the head, but it seemed notable. Overall, I’d highly recommend getting your suspension done for your weight and riding style ( and if you have a 3-hundy and like to ride nasty trails, the RK Tech head is awesome (Brock can hook you up on that as well).

Crew: Brandon and me.

IMG 1699
Rktech head

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Sink Hollow – Beaver Creek – Pat’s Hollow with Kids

My son Logan and I had a great time riding with the Sessions crew. The rain a couple of days ago left some great conditions, there were still a few puddles in the trees and dust was minimal.

The boys did awesome on the trail and even though some parts were pushing their envelopes, they conquered all the sections and everybody had a good time by the end.

Crew: Neil, Porter, Stone, Logan and me.

20140802 map
IMG 1688

IMG 1690

IMG 1691
IMG 1692

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