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I’m a couple weeks behind on some ride reports, still trying to get the video trimmed…

Tonight’s ride is so easy to post about, I thought I’d just throw it up here real quick. The batteries were dead in the GPS and the camera had so much dust behind the lens from last week’s ride that it was unusable. Also, I don’t have many details about tonight’s ride, Card was a little slick and there a a few big trees that will need a chainsaw to clean up. Conditions were awesome and we had a great ride. I got to meet a couple of guys and hopefully get to ride with them again!

Crew: Shane, Brock, Justin, Phill and me.

There’s talk of maybe trying to bust a Glady’s loop soon? Any rides for Memorial day?


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Weston – Oxford Loop

Another great ride with a fun group of guys. Weather was moist and a little windy on the ridge lines, but overall it was a great ride.

Crew: Chaz, Brock, Shane, Mark, Todd, Ryan, Rob and me.

Thanks again to Ryan for taking the pictures and getting them to me. The video is a lot shorter that last week’s video, didn’t put music to it though, so turn on your music player if you like…

Screen Shot 2012 05 17 at 8 37 29 AM
Screen Shot 2012 05 17 at 8 36 34 AM
Screen Shot 2012 05 17 at 8 37 04 AM


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Clifton Oxford loop

This was one of those “early-season, lots of snow, epic” rides! Thanks to Wally for dropping past the point-of-no-return and ensuring that we able to make some good memories. The snow was just hard enough that you could stay on top of it if you kept moving, but when you got to the edges, it was super soft, almost went over the bars a few times. There are a lot of big trees down on the front side of Oxford. Cherry creek was a lot of fun as well.

The video is a little longer than I should have done, but it was hard to cut out all the good stuff, following Brandon up the creek at the end was a blast.

Crew: Brandon, Ryan, Mike and me.

Thanks to Ryan for the pics.

20120509 Clifton Oxford  stats
20120509 Clifton Oxford  map
20120509 Clifton Oxford  elevation
Rc 1
Rc 2
Rc 3
Rc 12
Rc 15
Rc 16

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Clifton – Davis – New Canyon

Nice conditions again! Anybody know when the gates are opening for the trails up the canyon?

Crew: Nate, Tyson, Neil, Ken and me.

20120502 Clifton Mine Creek Cherry Creek stats
20120502 Clifton Mine Creek Cherry Creek map
20120502 Clifton Mine Creek Cherry Creek elevation


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