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Weston – Dayton

With a high of 61° today, not a cloud in the sky, and realizing that my calendar was full until next week, I scrambled around to see if anybody wanted to hit the dirt for a little bit this afternoon. Fortunately, my old buddy, that I haven’t seen for years, was up for the adventure!

Crew: Chris and me

I guess I was a little too excited to hit the dirt… :/ *note the bfe-highway with no houses or anything around, what the heck was he doing out there?



Anyway, conditions were moist and delicious! Even hit little bits of snow on the north facing slopes. We started out from Weston canyon and rode the ridge line north until the sun set, then we dropped down and rode ATV and the Jeep trails back to the truck. It got dark enough that I got to use my light for the first time this year (love that little Stella!).

I had a good time and hope we have a few more of these days before the snow hits and forces us to go south for riding.


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