Steel Hollow

July 12

Alisha and I got a babysitter early Saturday morning and went out for a quick ride on a real trail. I introduced her to Steel Hollow, one of my favorite nearby rides. There are a couple of switchbacks, a decent loose climb, a couple of logs and roots to hop, and a cliff to skirt. There were plenty of spots to push Alisha’s abilities, but not too hard that it would be discouraging. It is also a very beautiful canyon and fun to ride. Alisha took two tumbles off the trail, once on the way up, and once on the way down, within a few feet of each other. It was right below the cliff and she tried to put a foot down on the downhill side of the really tight trail and found out what it’s like to slide down the hill 20 feet before a tree stops you… she didn’t learn the first time and did the same thing going down, no fun…

I forgot both my camera and gps, so I don’t have any visual goodies to share, but take my word for it, it was a lot of fun and a perfect morning to ride.

p.s. I think I lost my license plate on this trail if anybody happens to see it :/


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