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Steel Hollow

Alisha and I got a babysitter early Saturday morning and went out for a quick ride on a real trail. I introduced her to Steel Hollow, one of my favorite nearby rides. There are a couple of switchbacks, a decent loose climb, a couple of logs and roots to hop, and a cliff to skirt. There were plenty of spots to push Alisha’s abilities, but not too hard that it would be discouraging. It is also a very beautiful canyon and fun to ride. Alisha took two tumbles off the trail, once on the way up, and once on the way down, within a few feet of each other. It was right below the cliff and she tried to put a foot down on the downhill side of the really tight trail and found out what it’s like to slide down the hill 20 feet before a tree stops you… she didn’t learn the first time and did the same thing going down, no fun…

I forgot both my camera and gps, so I don’t have any visual goodies to share, but take my word for it, it was a lot of fun and a perfect morning to ride.

p.s. I think I lost my license plate on this trail if anybody happens to see it :/


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Logan gets his OHV permit

My older son, Logan, turned 8 last month and has been excited to get his OHV permit (801-538-7433) so we can hit the trails without worrying about the 5-0 catching up to us. The course is two-part, they must take a 50 question T/F and multiple choice test and pass with at least 75%, then the have to pass a riding safety course. Logan did awesome on the written test, we studied a lot, and had no trouble passing all the skills on the riding course.

If you know of good spots or want to get your beginner kids out for a ride, let me know, we’re looking for people to ride slow and mellow with!


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Snowslide – St. Charles – Highline

Chaz and I had an awesome session going up from Beaver Creek to Egan Basin, hitting the highline, then dropping down Snowslide Canyon to St. Charles, then coming back up to the highline and back out. We started late and came out in the dark but it was awesome, one of the best rides so far.

I’m pretty sure that we were the first ones down snowslide this year, there wasn’t very much snow, but we ran into a couple of logs that had to be cleared. *Warning* take bug spray or lather up before you go, every time we stopped, we were eaten alive by mosquitos 🙁

Full album here:


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Dayton – Family ride

The boys, wife and I went up Five Mile Canyon in Dayton to putt around and get some seat time. The boys did really well and Alisha is getting used to her new bike. We went up one road that was pretty steep had deep “poof powder”, I didn’t think the boys would be able to climb it, but they both did, it was cool.

I didn’t get many action shots, but the few pics I did take are here.


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