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Gladys Loop

There were a ton of vehicles in the parking lot and we weren’t sure why it was such a popular day until we got a few miles into the trail and realized that the trail we had picked to ride was also the route for the Bear 100, a 100-mile foot race that starts in Logan’s Dry Canyon and ends up in Fish Haven, ID.  These guys and gals had been running and walking for ~30 hrs and 80-90 miles when we started seeing them.  I asked at one of the stations and apparently ~73 racers started and over 40 had made it through the last checkpoint.

I ate my first Rueben sandwich ever at Gladys and it hit the spot… thanks Gladys!

Riding conditions were pretty good, it was just fun to get out and ride again.  We had rain a couple of days earlier, but it was starting to get dusty again.  First time riding with Shane and Tyler (aka Dewey), hope we get to again!

Crew: Chaz, Shane, Tyler, and me.

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Lance and I decided that we had enough of work and decided to ditch out early to get a much needed and deserved good long ride in.  In the rush to get out the door, I naturally forgot my camera and there would have been some beautiful shots… small forest fire right next to the trail (later we found out it was supposedly a controlled burn), wildlife, good trail, and great conditions.

I think we got on the trail around 4:30 and we bit off a little more than we could chew.  I took a couple of wrong turns coming out of Davis that cost us a bunch of time and we got hung up in some pretty good logs on one section of the trail… not sure why I put new blinkers on my bike, I broke them both off on this trail… Anyway, it was well after sundown and dark by the time we got up to highline and Lance doesn’t have a headlight.  Not only that, he had completely broken his foot brake off on a rock before we even got to the bloomington trail, so he was riding with only a front brake.  It was a fun adventure and a great ride, I was beat and sore the next day… but ready to do it again!  Thanks for the ride!


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This was a fun after-work ride. Conditions were good and didn’t really run into many people except on the way back there were probably 30 search and rescue guys hauling off an older gentleman that fell off his 4-wheeler near the Spawn Creek campground. I keep thinking I ought to look into volunteering for Search and Rescue, seems like a great excuse to ditch work and ride in the mountains! Do they take dirtbike riders?

Crew: Chaz, Ty, Jake-O, Red, and me.


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