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Highline – Snowslide – St. Charles

The poof powder is getting thick. The trail was pretty slick and dusty with the soft moon dust, but it was a good ride with just two of us. I’ve really been enjoying the Beaver Mtn –> Gibson –> Beaver Creek trail sections, and I really love going down snowslide and back up St. Charles… awesome!

There were signs warning of prescribed burns in the St. Charles area from Sept. 6th – 30th. We didn’t see or smell any smoke so we dropped in, but there were some sections that had definitely been burnt since the ride the week before.

Bumped into Wally after the ride and heard about his over-the-handlebar experience on his 100-mile adventure with B-rock, looked pretty beat up, hope you get healed up soon!

Crew: Codie and me.


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72-miler, Glady’s loop then Snowslide – St. Charles loop

This ride was awesome and the longest one for me so far this year. Chaz and Scott were up for ditching work early on Friday which gave us plenty of time to get a good, long ride in. We kept a pretty good pace and didn’t have any major breakdowns or wrecks, it was awesome. We topped our tanks off at 22 miles in Fish Haven and that gave us plenty of fuel to go back up and do an additional 50 miles. Chaz took us on an ATV trail that I’d never been on that was pretty cool, wasn’t very used at all. Saw a nice 4-point buck that ran across the trail right in front of me.

From Danish pass over to the top of Snowslide, it looks like the forest service has been up there fix the trail and discourage the ATVs with big boulders and dug big holes on half the trail to make it a singletrack trail again… cool!

Crew: Chaz, Scott, and me.

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