Al’s Trail Guides

Al’s Trailmoto Trail Guides:

  • Cache National Forest Singletrack
  • Cache National Forest Jeep/ATV trails that are fun on a Moto
  • Southern Idaho Trails
  • Moab Moto Trails
  • Favorite loops and trail combos


There are some fantastic singletrack trails up here in Northern Utah, but the forest service maps are poor and hard to read, the trail markings are confusing, and there are no trail guides tailored to dirkbike trails that I know of… so, here we go, I thought I’d put my data and experience to good use.  Last summer, it was actually my goal to ride and gps log every moto singletrack trail on the cache national forest map, it was fun and I actually got it done.  Over time, I would like to expand the trail library to be a comprehensive collection of the neighboring areas as well.

Official Maps:

The following two maps must be used together, the trails are actually marked according to the shoshone trail map and the numbers on the trail markers don’t match what’s on the National Forest Map. This was pretty confusing to me as I first started exploring the trails on my own…


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