Little Cottonwood (aka Behind the Corrals or BtC)


It’ll be obvious why we call this trail “Behind the Corrals” when you drive up to unload at the trailhead.  This trail is is quick to the top, but a lot of fun.  Once you get on top, it’s a Jeep trail to get over to Temple Fork (and on to Worm trail, Turkey trail, etc.), or you can make it a loop by riding the roads around and coming down Steel Hollow.

  • Length: 1 mile until you hit the Jeep trail.
  • Difficulty: The stream crossing near the first of the trail is a little rock garden and the trail has a couple of steep and side hill sections that can be a little sketchy when wet or muddy.

Driving directions to trailhead:

Drive up Logan Canyon -> take the Right Hand Fork road until you get to the fork in the road right before Camp Lomia -> take the left fork and go until you see the corrals on the left, you can park right there or continue on a little more to park at the end of the road turnabout.

GPS Coordinates:

Combo/Loop opportunities:

This trail is fun to kick off some of my favorite combos:  BtC -> Worm Trail -> Turkey Trail -> Little Bear (ATV) -> back to Worm Trail and back down BtC to the start.  If you want to make a loop of it, you can go up BtC -> ride the dirt roads all the way around to the top of Steel Hollow and back to where you parked.


Maps and trail pics:



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