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St. George – Warner Valley – Laverkin Falls – Sand Hollow

I’m a few rides behind on the ol’ moto blog, so these next few reports may be lacking a little in detail, but be assured that good times were had!

Day 1: Warner Valley
Crew: Brock, Levi, Brandon, Kory, Russ and me.

The camera wasn’t adjusted very well so we didn’t get too much decent video, but the riding was a lot of fun. It was good to catch up wth my old buddy Kory and meet his friend Russ… look forward to riding with them again.

Day 2: Laverkin Falls
Crew: Brock, Levi, Brandon and me.

I think this is one of my favorite rides of all time. The riding was awesome, the views were amazing, and the waterfalls were very cool. The trail skirts some pretty big cliffs which look kind of sketchy in the video, but I don’t remember it being that scary in real life. I felt bad for dumping Brandon’s brand new KTM right in front of him on the greasy downhill, but the POV footage of Brandon hitting the tree was worth it 🙂

Day 3: Sand Hollow

More fun riding with some sand dunes mixed in.

Staying in Brandon’s family condo was awesome, the hot tub was a welcome site every night and the steak dinner we had at the Gun Barrel was the best steak I’ve ever had.

IMG 0278IMG 5512IMG 0282IMG 0283IMG 0284IMG 5456IMG 5522IMG 5524IMG 0279IMG 5498
In regards to the last picture, we were on a perfectly legal trail, gotta love an ignorant with guns :/. Kinda unnerving to know some jerk was pointing a rifle at you.


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