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Card – 016

Had a good ride up Card and out 016.  Got stuck in some snow not too far into 016 and it kicked my butt, a couple of logs worked me pretty hard as well… I’m still out of shape!

Crew: Chris, Jake, Cort, Charles, and myself.  Caught up with Rich and Chase on White’s too.

Full Album here:


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Card – White’s – Richards – Cart – Seep

I took a half day off Friday to try to fix up my bike a little to get ready for a good ride on Saturday, ended up working on it 7 hours Friday and from 8-6:30 on Saturday… mostly running around trying to find parts and correct tools. It’s funny, I’ll start with a couple of little things that need to be fixed and the next thing I know, it’s midnight and my bike is in a hundred pieces all over the garage floor. Accomplishments: new fork seals, brakes, grips, throttle tube, oil/filter, air filter, and my first time at adjusting the valves – had to shim both intake valves. Of course, I could have paid B-rock $75 to do it for me, but why do that when I can spend:

  • 2 full days working on it, obligatory cussing included
  • $66 torque wrench that will do 10ft-lb
  • $30 digital micrometer
  • $20 in metric hex wrenches that will fit on the new torque wrench
  • $17 for 2 shims, that I had to figure out how to measure and get Honda part numbers for since the Saturday help at the Honda parts counter is pathetic. Next time I’m going to buy the hotcam shim kit and save the 4 trips to the local Honda shop.

Needless to say, I missed out on what I’m sure ended up being a good morning ride with the fast riders.

Good thing Lance was up for a quick ride when I called Saturday evening. We ended up starting up Card about 7:30, dropped down White’s, then Richard’s, then up and over Cart Hollow and back up Seep, then back the same way. I was in such a hurry to go that I forgot to throw riding gloves in my gear bag, my hands were all sweaty and impregnated with oil from working on the bike and I could hardly hang on to the new pillow top grips. I also forgot my camera and GPS, so y’all are going to have to take my word on this one. It ended up being a great ride and a lot of fun. For the first time ever, I cleaned every obstacle on Card without eating it or coming off the bike, I’m pretty stoked about that! I usually have a hard time with root on the climb and coming down the switchbacks. The bike ran great, the valve adjustment made a noticable difference, the engine is a lot smoother, quieter, and it starts easily again. We were off the trail and loading up just as it was getting too dark around 9:45.


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Hyde Park with the kids

Took the boys out to putt around for family night 🙂 They did really well… the grass has grown in a ton since the last time we made it out, so we could only go on the dirt roads. We decided to head north over to the little track area and both boys made it up and over the hill, I was very impressed. After cruising around a bit, we decided to go down where mom was waiting and try our hand and a couple of steep little hills. Logan was pretty tentative, but after I coaxed him on, he did exactly what I told him to and got on the gas pretty hard launching him off the top of the hill and crashing… I felt really bad, but he did end up going back down on his bike and doing it again successfully on Landon’s bike. Landon cleaned the hill several times and had a blast going up and down it.

Here’s the video:


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First moto ride with my wife!

Two rides in one day! Phil and his wife invited Alisha and I to go on a wives’ ride. Unfortunately, Phil didn’t have Dana’s bike all put back together from recent maintenance and they had to bail out before we even got to ride… bummer, raincheck on the date Phil…

Alisha was nervous but she did awesome. I took a chance and decided to take her off the dirt roads and give her a little taste of single track on Richard’s, she’s a natural and said she liked the stream crossings. We came out White’s and it was a little muddy at the top. Conditions on Richards are perfect. I’m proud of her, good job Alisha!

Ran into Tim, Matt, and kids on Richards. Jordan and Tyler looked like they were having fun on their bikes, we never could catch up with them and I forgot to whip out the camera when we saw them… :/

Full album here:


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Got up early and hit the Clifton loop. Conditions were great, it’s going to start getting dusty soon. Met a couple more guys excited about riding and had a good time!

Full album here:

Crew: Phil, Cam, Zac, Moe, and myself


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