Turkey Trail


The view at the top is beautiful.  In the few years that I’ve been riding this trail it seems like ATV’s have been pushing their way through although it is clearly marked as single-track… :/

  • Length: 1.2 miles of singletrack
  • Difficulty: There are a couple of steep sections and a root or two that can be tricky when wet.

Driving directions to trailhead:

Driving directions here.

GPS Coordinates:

Combo/Loop opportunities:

The common loop for this trail is to go up, check out the view and the sinks, then head East until you intersect with this road the head south about .6 miles until you get to the top of Little Bear Creek Trail.  It’s also fun to start out on Temple Fork and take the Worm Trail (ATV) over to the Turkey-Lil’ Bear loop… or, even better, start on BtC->Worm Trail->Turkey->Lil’ Bear.


Maps and trail pics:



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