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West Desert Camping Moto

So, we decided to pack up the kids and head west for Memorial Day to do some riding in the west desert. It was beautiful when we got out there Sunday evening. We set up camp, played for a little bit, made a campfire and roasted some marshmallows. The boys look like they fit their motorcycles well this year and Alisha likes her new moto.

We woke up the next morning to rain… I thought to myself, “no big deal, the weatherman said there was a good chance of rain, we’ll wait it out, let it dry, and still get plenty of time to play.” So, the kids woke up, came into our tent and we had a good time playing games, reading books, and taking naps… it kept raining and raining and raining… finally about 2pm we decided to pack it all up and see if we could get out (we were about 1/2 mile off the main road). We had to get a little rowdy with the Jeep but finally made it back to the road with a huge sigh of relief. It’s seriously going to take a week of cleaning to get the nasty salt-clay cleaned off of everything.

Moral of the story: you’d have to be an idiot to go camping to the west desert in the rain… “Making Memories” is what we like to call adventures like that.


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Dayton-Clifton Basins

We were a little bit worried with all the rain that fell Friday, but conditions ended up great overall, a little muddy in some places and bustin’ through snow drifts and dropping off cornices in other places. We ended up with quite a group, 13 altogether and it was a lot of fun.

Full album here:

Crew: Brock, Cam, Cort, Jake, Rich, Chris, Riverdance450, Zac, Zane, Braden, Nate, another Nate, and me.


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New rider in the family!

Finally found a deal on the bike I’ve been wanting to get for Alisha. We’re excited to get out as a family, I think we’re going to head out to the west desert this weekend for Memorial Day.

Here’s the family line-up for this year:

  • Alisha – ’08 KLX 140L
  • Logan (almost 8 yrs. old, 70lbs.) – ’04 KLX 110, he’s excited that mom got a bike to match his.
  • Landon (6 1/2 yrs. old, 45lbs.) – ’05 PW50


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Zac’s Hollow – Session #3


Full photo album (this crew rides too fast to get a lot of pictures, I was just trying not to hold them up too long):

Crew: Zac, Nate, Brandon, Tim, Chaz, Matt, me.


  • These guys are fast and I’m still out of shape.
  • Got into some seriously thick trees
  • Rocky climbs were a lot harder and ground was getting looser
  • GPS stopped working, missed a bunch of data 🙁
  • Matt found out one of the stream jumps was a lot further than it looked and cased it hard on the other side, hope you didn’t have too big a headache the next morning Matt!

Highlights pics:

The GPS data is incomplete, I’m guessing we had between 30-40 miles total although the graph shows only 22.

Here are all three rides layered… pretty fun!


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Zac’s Hollow – Session #2

Wow… session #2 was even better than the first go-around! I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves, check out the whole album here:

Crew: Zac, Zane, Nate, and myself.


  • The dirt was perfect, corn dirt in most places, a little mud, a little snow, and no dust at all
  • Need to pick up one of these saws, Nate had one and it worked surprisingly well, thickest log we cut through was about 4 inches
  • A lot of the tough parts from a few days ago were a lot easier with the hook-up we were getting
  • Nate hitting a slick log and sitting in 6 inches of mud
  • Zac hitting snow at 40mph, almost making it, going down and sliding forever
  • Zane getting attacked by every tree that could reach him
  • I’m still out of shape…

The orange trail is the first attempt, the blue trail is session #2.


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