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First Millville attempt of 2008

We didn’t have very high hopes, but Chaz and I thought we’d give Millville a shot to see how far we could get… not very far. We were able to get about 2 miles up. At the bottom of the canyon, it was surprisingly dry, almost dusty and I started getting my hopes up, but they were shot down pretty quick as the snow showed up soft and still pretty deep on the road. We could skirt the North side of the road and through the snow for a little bit, but it started to suck. It was still fun to be out though!


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Hyrum Sod Farm Track

Went and rode this private track with some guys that know the steward of the land. It was an awesome workout and I was beat after just a couple of loops. Tracks certainly aren’t as much fun as riding trails to me, but I can see how working out on them could increase your skill and stamina to improve overall riding skills a ton.

You need to have permission to ride this track.

Here’s Chaz giving us a little air…


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Out with the kids…

We took the boys out with their bikes and hooked up with Chaz, Megan, Lance, and Molli for a little fun and riding near Hyde Park Canyon. The boys had fun and are really getting the hang of riding their motos, and little Molli jumped on Logan’s KLX 110 and just took off, we couldn’t believe how well she did… fearless. Alisha rode her mountain bike up to meet us and she almost beat us there, she’s tough.

It was a beautiful night and we had a ton of fun watching a hang-glider soaring right above us. I rode up the ridge line to get a closer look and couldn’t believe how fast he could cruise around on that glider.


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Newton Dam track

I had heard about this track, but never ridden it. It was pretty fun to ride and a good workout. There is a lot of trash by the parking lot, people like to shoot garbage I guess… anyway this place could benefit from an organized clean-up. I’m not much for riding in circles, but with how much snow we’ve still got in the mountains we’ll take what we can get…


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Playing in the snow, out past Clarkston

Lance and I hooked up with Phil and Riley to try to find some single track that Phil had ridden last year. Couldn’t actually make it to the trail, but we had a lot of fun riding in the snow. We got out there early enough that the snow was hard and we could ride on top of it, but as we got back as far as we could and turned around the sun came out and the snow got soft so the way back was a different story.

I forgot both my GPS and my camera, so you’ll just have to trust me that we had a good time 🙂


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