Zac’s Hollow – Session #2

May 10

Wow… session #2 was even better than the first go-around! I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves, check out the whole album here:

Crew: Zac, Zane, Nate, and myself.


  • The dirt was perfect, corn dirt in most places, a little mud, a little snow, and no dust at all
  • Need to pick up one of these saws, Nate had one and it worked surprisingly well, thickest log we cut through was about 4 inches
  • A lot of the tough parts from a few days ago were a lot easier with the hook-up we were getting
  • Nate hitting a slick log and sitting in 6 inches of mud
  • Zac hitting snow at 40mph, almost making it, going down and sliding forever
  • Zane getting attacked by every tree that could reach him
  • I’m still out of shape…

The orange trail is the first attempt, the blue trail is session #2.


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