Pre-Run Copenhagen Highline area

August 06

There’s been talk for a couple of years about going to do a BeavToSoda ride, but nobody I know of had done it yet. So, Chaz and I had a whole Saturday with nothing more important to do (what’s more important than moto anyway?), so we decided to plan it and put it together. I found the National Forest Maps online, printed it out on a wide-format printer, cut out the sections I wanted and laminated them for the trail. We knew we’d need gas and lunch and gas again and decided to do this little Pre-Run trip to get a little riding in and drop off a vehicle with gas/water/food etc… not to mention a way to bail out if we really needed it.

The only section of trails that neither of us had done was between the Copenhagen parking lot and Paris-German Dugway road. We parked the truck in the parking lot and decided to run the trail North->South so we’d know what to expect the next day. It ended up being a good ride and a few more miles than expected, almost 40 miles. We took a couple of wrong turns, but those ended up being the funnest trails and changed the plans for Saturday’s ride, specifically the 354 and 329 trails on the map. The 329 trail has multiple boulder fields that can start taxing your trials skills, but super fun.

Crew: Chaz, Braden and me. Btw, Braden got a hold of me through MotoUtah, fun guy to ride with, hope he comes again!


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  1. Braden

    August 10, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Had a great time riding with you and Chaz