CVMX with the kids

July 23

I’ve taken the kids out to the Cache Valley MX track a couple of times this month. They’ve really enjoyed it and I think it’s helping them feel more comfortable on their bikes and it’s a pretty good deal @ $5/bike for all day. We went before noon on weekdays and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Logan scared the crap out of me on his first loop around the big track. He’d watched the big boys go around a couple of times and figured he just needed to gun it over the jumps. I stood helpless as I watched him hit the gas on some steep 4′ jumps, catch air, land in the flat, bounce his helmet on the handle bars, recover, and do the same thing over the next 3 hits… I couldn’t believe he was able to hold on. When he came back around, I had calmed myself down and tactfully told him that maybe he should start on the smaller rollers… whew.

Landon’s little bike is still a handful for him and that backend loves to get away from him in the corners. I think I need to figure out how to adjust that clutch so the power isn’t so on or off. He did a lot better the second time out and only laid it over a couple of times.


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