Clifton – Oxford

May 16

This session ended up being awesome despite being thrown together last minute. The conditions were fantastic, we still ran into a bunch of snow and had to ride 10 miles of road to get back to the trucks, but the 27 miles of trail that we got to ride were off the charts! I had never gone that far north in this area before and there is some great riding. Can’t wait until a little more snow melts off so we can finish the loop around the base of Oxford peak instead of bailing out to the road.


  • I can’t believe how fast Jake can ride his 690 through the technical stuff, I’ll be traumatized for years at hearing that horn go off behind me
  • The rocks in that little stream were incredibly slick, like riding over greased bowling balls
  • Don’t forget the mosquito spray, they were already out in swarms when we would stop

Crew: Chaz, Lance, Scott, Cort, Jake, and me.

Full album here:

Here’s a quick video from the last two rides

Helmet cam video – Thanks Jake!

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  1. Moto

    May 18, 2009 at 11:32 am

    If Jake rides his 690 the way you guys ride those little bikes around in the river beds, I’m never riding with you guys. My 640 Adventure would have been underwater. Thomas (friend of Jake’s).