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Hyrum Sod Farm, T-Boned

Went to ride the sod farm track tonight and we got T-Boned in Chaz’s truck pulling into the parking area, obviously we couldn’t let something like that spoil a night of riding, so after the police report and making sure the truck could drive away we put in about an hour session, it was fun. Sorry about your truck Chaz!

After watching Chaz and Lance hit one of the step-up jumps and making it look easy, I finally worked up enough courage to hit it, it took a few tries before I was able to start landing on top, but it was a rush. Here’s Chaz showing us how it’s done…


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Zac’s Hollow

Got to go ride some private land in an undisclosed location today. It was beautiful and had a perfect mix of all kinds of riding: stream crossings, mud, rocks, climbs, trees, etc. etc… Definitely the funnest time I’ve had on my bike so far this year!


  • Nate’s looped out billings montana style flip at the top of the climb
  • Griffin in the stream up to his knees
  • Griffin was the only one to make it all the way to the top of the climb
  • Kept raining until we were dressed and starting the bikes, then we didn’t see another drop the whole evening.
  • Zac barreling through trees and over logs like he had a score to settle…
  • Way more fun than I’m allowed to have.
  • I’m out of shape.

Check out the photo album here:

Here’s a couple of highlight pics:

Thanks again Zac, hope to do it again soon!


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