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2013 UTMA Ride to Glady’s Place

I signed on for this year’s UTMA – Cache Valley ride. There ended up being a good size group this year, so we split into three different groups. I elected to go on the Glady’s loop. We had a good time.

Crew: Wes, Colton, Neil, Porter and me.

The Rueben sandwich was tasty after eating all that dust. Towards the end of the video I was right behind Porter when he almost crashed, but saved it, when he hit a nasty rock in the middle of the trail. It couldn’t have been more than a minute after that when I did the same thing, but wasn’t able to save it, probably would have been some cussing if I hadn’t taken a handlebar to the neck… fortunately it wasn’t too bad and I got back on the horse with just a little less ego.

20130720 utma map

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Sink Hollow to Beaver Creek with kids!

In my mind, we hit a major moto milestone yesterday. After hitting some trails near Copenhagen Basin a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to take the kids on a trail that I’ve dreamed about taking them for years. It was a little slow going, but the boys needed very little help and Logan is really starting to work the clutch well. Landon just bounced through everything on the little 110 like a champ! They were in a good mood and having fun the whole ride, loved it.

Finally, this is the year where I feel like I can start taking them on rides that I really enjoy as well.

I think the next ride I try with the kids will be Beaver to Glady’s, we’ll have mom drop us off and pick us up down in Fish Haven so we can jump in the lake afterwards. If you have kids and don’t mind going slow, join us!

20130713 Sink with boys

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Badlands, Wy with the kids

We were itching to ride and it was cold in Cache Valley, so we decided to venture out with our friends the Sessions and try a place that Neil’s been before.

After driving for a almost 3 hours, it had warmed up to a balmy 22° and there was still a skiff of fresh snow on the ground. I was nervous that it was going to be way too greasy, but the sun was out and we’d driven a long time, so we were going to try… It took us a little while to get one of the bikes running, but once we did, the moisture had absorbed a little and by the middle of the day, we were having a blast.

It was a fun place to play around, there is a variety of stuff to ride, you can pick your comfort level.

Crew: Neil, Porter, Stone, Logan, Landon and me.


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Chimney Rock – Spring Season Kickoff

Three days of epic desert riding near Green River to kick off the 2013 moto season!

Thanks to Ken for being the tour guide, I think we all had a good time and came back tired, sore, with fresh blisters and smiles on our faces.

The videos are longer than I want, but it’s really hard to cut full-day rides down to just a few minutes.

Crew: Brandon, Brock, Ken, Mike, Shane and me.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Itching to ride a lot this year, if you’re heading out, let me know… if I can, I’ll be there.


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FS Volunteer day and solo ride

I decided to take my bike with me to the volunteer service day for the forest service, if I’m going to work on the trail, then I should be able to take some time to enjoy it as well. I hate to admit it, but I found the new section from the trailhead up to Steel really fun to ride… if you ride it faster than you really should 🙂

When I took off, I didn’t know how far I wanted to go, but the weather was beautiful and I was having a good time, so I hammered down almost 50 miles (wish that was 50 miles of singletrack, but alas a lot of it was road).

Route: Steel Hollow -> down Richards, all the way -> around and up Seep -> back up Richards to Whites -> out to Mill Hollow (017) -> back and down Card West -> burned the pavement back to RH trailhead. Ended up being really fun.

There were a LOT of ATV/UTV/cars on the road, but I only bumped into two people on the trail, a mountain biker, and a fellow trail rider, Brian G.

Full photo album here.


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