Sink Hollow to Beaver Creek with kids!

July 13

In my mind, we hit a major moto milestone yesterday. After hitting some trails near Copenhagen Basin a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to take the kids on a trail that I’ve dreamed about taking them for years. It was a little slow going, but the boys needed very little help and Logan is really starting to work the clutch well. Landon just bounced through everything on the little 110 like a champ! They were in a good mood and having fun the whole ride, loved it.

Finally, this is the year where I feel like I can start taking them on rides that I really enjoy as well.

I think the next ride I try with the kids will be Beaver to Glady’s, we’ll have mom drop us off and pick us up down in Fish Haven so we can jump in the lake afterwards. If you have kids and don’t mind going slow, join us!

20130713 Sink with boys

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