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Providence and 016

Took my bike to Brock at Brockstar Performance and he added some magic sauce to my bike by way of new Brockstar Suspension (new springs for fork/shock and custom valving) and the custom RK Tech head.

What better way to test them out than to try to chase Brandon up Providence Canyon and over to burn the 016 trail? The morning rain meant conditions were awesome and the new mods felt really good! I’d ridden Prov a few weeks ago and this time it felt like a was able to get up on top of the rocks and keep the momentum up a lot better than last time. Low end grunt seemed really good to me and the bike sounds a little bit different, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to detect a difference in the head, but it seemed notable. Overall, I’d highly recommend getting your suspension done for your weight and riding style ( and if you have a 3-hundy and like to ride nasty trails, the RK Tech head is awesome (Brock can hook you up on that as well).

Crew: Brandon and me.

IMG 1699
Rktech head

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Sink Hollow – Beaver Creek – Pat’s Hollow with Kids

My son Logan and I had a great time riding with the Sessions crew. The rain a couple of days ago left some great conditions, there were still a few puddles in the trees and dust was minimal.

The boys did awesome on the trail and even though some parts were pushing their envelopes, they conquered all the sections and everybody had a good time by the end.

Crew: Neil, Porter, Stone, Logan and me.

20140802 map
IMG 1688

IMG 1690

IMG 1691
IMG 1692

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Hurricane and La Verkin

Had a great weekend earlier this month near St. George. It was a little tough to go from mid-50°s to mid-90°s overnight, but the rides were awesome and we had a good time. We had a couple of mechanical issues, Nate threw a chain and bent the clutch slave cylinder, but he and Brandon were able to fix it on the trail. Then, A.J, put his brake lever through his clutch cover and poked a little hole in there that was letting out his oil. We were also able to pull that off and patch it to get him back on the trail.

Thanks to Derek and Amy for letting us crash at their place!

Friday Crew: Nate, Brandon, Keston, Derek, A.J., Tyson, Greg and me
Saturday Crew: Tyson and Greg went to watch Supercross in Vegas, the rest of us stayed to ride La Verkin

Check out the videos here:


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Historical Tour of the Buttars Homestead

Enjoyed some great conditions today and got a tour of the Buttars homestead land from way back when Cache Valley was settled. The weather was beautiful, little cold in the morning, but no wind. Conditions varied with everything from snow to mud to corn dirt to even a little dust.

I’m definitely enjoying the new bike, Brock did a little magic with my carb and it ran a lot better. I’m still not totally comfortable on it, but it felt really good for my first trail ride! I love how light it feels and it definitely lugs up the hills better than I thought it would.

Ken had a little mishap on the road coming back, one of the snow -> greasy mud transitions he went down hard and buggered up his shoulder, looked like he was hurting on the drive back… get better quick Ken!

Crew: Brandon, Brock, Zac, Ken and me.

Snickers rock:
IMG 7515

IMG 3448


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Finally rained! Sink – Snowslide – Davis – Midland – Paris – Highline

It finally rained up here and conditions were too good to pass up. The 63.25 miles of dirt was pretty much epic quality, although it did get a little greasy going up Davis and the Midland area. Definitely one of the best rides of the year. Although I’m bummed that summer passed so quickly, fall riding is awesome. Here’s to occasional rainstorms to keep the dust down and keep the corn-dirt coming!

Crew: Brent, Cort, Ken and me.

20130824 Moto map
20130824 moto elevation
DSC00285 M

Photos by Ken Straw

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