Hurricane and La Verkin

May 03

Had a great weekend earlier this month near St. George. It was a little tough to go from mid-50°s to mid-90°s overnight, but the rides were awesome and we had a good time. We had a couple of mechanical issues, Nate threw a chain and bent the clutch slave cylinder, but he and Brandon were able to fix it on the trail. Then, A.J, put his brake lever through his clutch cover and poked a little hole in there that was letting out his oil. We were also able to pull that off and patch it to get him back on the trail.

Thanks to Derek and Amy for letting us crash at their place!

Friday Crew: Nate, Brandon, Keston, Derek, A.J., Tyson, Greg and me
Saturday Crew: Tyson and Greg went to watch Supercross in Vegas, the rest of us stayed to ride La Verkin

Check out the videos here:


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