Stanley Day 1 – French Creek and Big Boulder

September 16

Epic times as usual in Stanley, ID. It rained pretty good as we were traveling up there and the soil conditions were awesome! No dust and only a little bit greasy in a few places, mostly on the wooden bridges. We had 12 riders the first day and no major break-downs or casualties, unless you count Rich slipping on the ramp and throwing his shoulder out of socket… ouch! (watch the end of the video)

Crew: Jason, Jevan, Brock, Curtis, Ken, Levi, Breon, Tim, Rich, Brandon, Matt and me

IMG 1637
IMG 5980
IMG 5982
IMG 5983
IMG 1636

Oh, and I didn’t put music to the video, so push play on your music player if you like music with your moto.


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