2012 UTMA Ride – Sink Hollow – Snowslide – Davis – Highline

July 14

This ride ended up being an adventure.

Crew: Wes, Tony and me.

Sink Hollow was a blast as was the Highline over to Danish Pass, Snowslide and Davis.

We ate lunch at the boiler and nearly got struck by lightning, it was really close and very loud.

Then, the rain started. We hung out at Bloomington and hunkered down under the signs for a while as buckets of water fell from the sky. We made an attempt to get up to the Highline from Bloomington parking lot, but there was a tree down on a steep section and the trail was like riding on a few inches of high quality grease. So, we went back to Telegraph flat and made our way up the South Fork trail (still difficult) to the Highline. That’s when the problems really started for me, I had a new front tire that was just packing the mud, so much so that it was rubbing on the forks and acting like a front brake, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get enough momentum to clean it out and kept sliding off the trail every 10 ft or so. By the time we got to the rockier sections where I could clean out, I was pretty beat. The ride back down the road from Danish pass was miserably cold, it was July, I didn’t pack anything heavier than a jersey.

I still had a good time, memories were made and a bad day of riding is always better than a good day of yard work!


Pictures courtesy of Wes:

IMG 3134
IMG 3135
IMG 3138
IMG 3139
IMG 3142
IMG 3143
IMG 3144
IMG 3156
IMG 3157

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