Weston – Dayton – Oxford attempt

May 29

Chaz wanted to get some training in for the upcoming “Idaho City 100” enduro race. So we decided to start at Weston canyon and try to “hit it hard”. We started at the bottom of Weston Canyon were met with a whiteout snow/hail storm as we climbed north up the ridge line, the wind was blowing pretty hard too. I was happy that Chaz thought to bring two Jackets, because I had forgotten mine. We ran into a lot of snow, but it wasn’t too bad since it was so cold we could mostly just ride on top of it.

The weather got friendlier as the day went on and it rained a little bit off and on, but made for great conditions, not too muddy and no dust at all. We met Brock out at the furthest point, he was doing the same loop, but the opposite way. He told us that there was a lot of snow where he had come from, so we decided to turn around and return the way we had come. I think we were all pretty tired by the end of it, but it was a blast.

Garrett also told us he was moving out of the valley, sad to see you go Garrett, let us know when you can come visit and ride!

Crew: Chaz, Garret, Brock and me.


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