Georgetown Canyon

August 08

So, I’ve been looking at this map a bunch and got all excited about all the designated singletrack trails over by Georgetown, ID. The weather forecast said it was supposed to rain on Thursday and Friday, but be nice on Saturday… I was stoked to get some riding without all the poof-powder. Unfortunately, the weatherman was way wrong, the storm was late, it rained most of the night, rained the whole drive (~80 miles from Logan), and rained pretty much the whole time we rode. It was snowing just above the trails we made it to, snowing! In August! The ridgeline we had planned to be on was white.

I had a couple of routes all planned out and was ready to hit a long series of loops, but both the single-track sections we tried got steep quick and the conditions were super greasy. We gave it a go, but both times blew a corner about a 1/4 mile into it and once we were stopped, we had to go all the way back down to give it another shot. There was a 3rd trail that I had plotted out on the west side, but we couldn’t find where it started from the ATV trail that we rode. It really doesn’t look like those trails get used much over there. So, we ended up riding about 30 miles of road and ATV trails. The area is beautiful and I’m excited to give it another shot with a little better weather.

Crew: Chaz and me.

Full photo album here:


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