Beaver – Highline – Snowslide – St. Charles

July 28

This is a great after-work ride when you just need to get away. Thankfully Chaz and Lance were able to sneak out and enjoy it with me. Chaz’s bike is running a lot better after he tuned it up, but I think Lance was ready to bury the trusty ol’ CR500 on the side of the trail by the end of the ride. He completely lost his clutch with about 10 miles of trail left and it got to the point that if he tried to pull in the clutch something would catch and it would die… going down from Egan Basin back to the truck in the dark with no clutch was just a little shy of fun for him. Not to be mean, but I found it entertaining and I’m sure it will make for good memories in the future.

Conditions were dusty, don’t forget mosquito spray.

Anyway, Lance is now on the hunt for a smoking deal on a KTM 2-smoker 300 or possibly 250 if any of you know of some on the auction block?

Crew: Chaz, Lance and me.

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