Richards – Cart – Seep – Whites

June 16

We parked in Left-hand fork and rode Richards up from the south. The conditions were excellent, really good hookup and no dust at all. I usually get hung up on the little rock garden with the steep drop off to the left and the switchback with the root, but Chaz and I both cleaned them with no problems this time. Cart and Seep were really good, we stopped a handful of times to cut and clear out the logs going up to Banjo springs, so those trails are completely clean as of last week. Coming out of the meadow back down to Richards Chaz about got his leg taken off by a semi hidden log next to the trail, we went back and moved it out of the way too.

Whites had some pretty good mud ruts.

We tried to go towards Mt. Logan to see how far we could make it, there is still a lot of snow after the last ridgeline that drops you down to where 016 trail starts.

We rode back down Whites and up to the top of Richards before turning around and going all the way back down to LH. On the section between the top of Richards and the elbow, Chaz saw a wolf! He got a pretty good look at it too, it ran down the hill from the left, across the trail in front of him, and up the right. He says it was way too big to be a coyote! I missed it, but will definitely be keeping my eyes open, I’d love to see one out in the wild.

I forgot my camera on this ride, so I’ll have to add pictures after I get them from Chaz… *update* you can find Chaz’s pics here:



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