Desert near Cherry Creek and Tintic

March 28

Invited myself to go riding with Tim Wolford (…and those guys) racingâ„¢.  Thanks for letting me tag along!  Conditions were awesome, the weather was beautiful, and the singletrack riding was “off the chart”.  Doesn’t get better than that for spring fever riding.  Jordan and Keston ripped it up with the big guys.  We had kind of a rough start, Cort was attacked by a monster section of barb-wire that wound him up with a vengeance… wound 4-5 times on the front wheel and totally wrapped up around the back wheel, brakes, fender, etc… it was nasty.  We ended up having to take off the back wheel to get it all out and fortunately it didn’t do any major damage, some scratches on the plastic and a broken rotor guard were the sacrifices I believe.  Right after that, Brock had problems with his spark plug and had to double-up with Ian to go back and get the truck for his spare.  Cort and I split off to check out some single-track and hit the jackpot, we sessioned a loop and went back for lunch.  After lunch and bb-gun shenanigans we all went out to the west to explore and found more and more singletrack.

Crew: Keston, Jordan, Ian, Brock, Wally, Tim, Cort and me.

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