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Long Loop – Beaver – Gibson – Highline – Snowslide – Davis – Paris

I think I heard Chaz refer to this ride as the “Long Loop”, I thought it was fitting, so I’m going with it. We got up at the crack of dawn to head up and see what the day would bring. I heard a lot of “maybe” when we put the feelers out for this ride, but only 4 people showed up to hit it, I guess some people have real jobs.

Other than a few boy scouts we pretty much had all the trails to ourselves the whole day. The Egan Basin monster tried to get Chaz like it did Nate last week, but fortunately he was able to escape unharmed. Snowslide and Davis were awesome! I forget how much I like those trails. The whole loop was actually really good, but by the time we got to the rocky section on the highline trail we were all pretty beat. Ken hit a pretty good rock with the rear, dented his wheel, popped the tube, and ripped his tire. He ended up having to fix it twice. Chaz ran out of gas, put some in, ran out again, put some more in, ran out again and coasted the last 1/2 mile to the trucks. Ken has the same bike and hadn’t hit reserve yet. We were curious to see how much he had, so we emptied it into a bottle and he still had over a liter. Phil also ran out of gas. I took two little water bottles of gas and put them in, but decided to see how much I had left when I got home and emptied more than 4 of those little bottles. I guess Ken and I don’t know how to get on the throttle like Phil and Chaz do!?!


  • black tape seems to work for a temp rim strip, already replaced the roll we used.
  • make sure you have plenty of tubes on long rides, we only had two and used them both with 20 miles yet to go

Crew – Chaz, Ken, Phil and me.

Full album here:

long loop_stats.png
long loop_map.png
long loop_elevation.png

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