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Weston – Dayton

Except for maybe one of my first rides ever, in Moab, I don’t think I’ve ever been as purple, tired or beat as I felt during this ride. We started outside of Weston and went straight up the ridge line, the climbs were steep and rocky and when we crested the top there were huge snow fields we had to traverse. A lot of us got stuck in deep snow and had to buddy up to lift bikes and pack trails. I watched a couple of guys hit the snow pretty fast and get on top pretty good, so I tried to follow suit, about 10 ft into the snow I buried the front end and flipped my bike right over on top of me… I’m sure it was humorous as heck to anybody that would have seen it. We also got to slide down a 40 ft cornice leftover, lots of fun!

Most memorable quote: “It just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!” – Brock, while working on Matt’s bike.

Crew: Brock, Brandon, Tim, Matt C., Nate, Zac, Dane, and me. Cort and another Nate were out there somewhere, but we never caught up with them.

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Round Hill – family ride

My wife surprised me and told me that her and the boys had gone for a moto ride by themselves while I was at work, so a couple of days later, I got to have them show where they went. It’s so nice being able ride straight from the house, before it was always such an ordeal to get the trailer, load the bikes up at the storage shed, etc etc. Hopefully we’ll get out a lot more as a family this year.

The boys are noticeably better this year, hills that we felt were too big last year were climbed easily this spring… I’m sure they’ll be keeping up before I know it.


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