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Powder Mountain MX

Alisha and I got the boys loaded in the Jeep and we slipped over Avon pass to watch some mx action at Powder Mountain. The course looked pretty cool and the racing was a lot of fun to watch! We had a few local guys (Sampson, Vierra, Dattage, Josh Borges, Shea Bettencourt, more?), racing and they all did well. It was a lot of fun to watch Cole Siebler give Jeremy McGrath a run for is money in the 450 main.

Full album:

Chaz sent me this first pic of Jeremy McGrath, nice shot!
powder mountain moto 007.jpg
This is Josh Borges from Paradise, came in 3rd behind McGrath and Pingree in the qualifier, hangin’ it out there.

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Family moto with Kully

Chaz and Megan brought over Kully, Chaz’s little brother, to go riding with my boys up Hyde Park canyon. It was a good time, I think my kids liked riding with somebody their age for once. Kully is riding that CRF80 really well even with the clutch, although he does like to shoot straight for the mud puddles.


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Hyde Park Canyon – family moto

We borrowed Chaz’s Rhino (thanks Chaz!) so the boys could show off their moto skills to Grandma and Grandpa. They all did really well up around SV and Round Hill and up Hyde Park Canyon. Grandpa loved the Rhino, Grandma was afraid…



Not sure what we’re going to do when we get our yard in…

p.s. Moto ride on Memorial Day, meet @ Mooch’s 9:00 AM, call or txt me for details.


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Round Hill – family ride

My wife surprised me and told me that her and the boys had gone for a moto ride by themselves while I was at work, so a couple of days later, I got to have them show where they went. It’s so nice being able ride straight from the house, before it was always such an ordeal to get the trailer, load the bikes up at the storage shed, etc etc. Hopefully we’ll get out a lot more as a family this year.

The boys are noticeably better this year, hills that we felt were too big last year were climbed easily this spring… I’m sure they’ll be keeping up before I know it.


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Can’t wait… this is going to be a fun year for riding!

Sorry, this isn’t a real ride report yet, but I’m getting super excited to go ride.  I didn’t end up getting the bike that I was thinking about, but I’m stoked for my new one nonetheless.  I ended up buying another hand-me-down from Cort (I bought my ’05 CRF450X from him too and that bike worked out well), thanks Cort!  It’s an ’08 Yamaha YZ450F.

Right now, my bike is in a bunch of pieces in the garage, but it should be ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.  Here are the things I’m doing to get it trail ready: sent the suspension to Factory Connection with instructions to make it trail worthy for a fat guy, greasing all the swingarm and shock link bearings, install Cycra pro-bend hand guards, Richochet skid plate, and some cheap steel sprockets for right now.  Thanks to Andy at Northstar’s Ultimate Outdoors for hooking me up with the suspension deal and Cycra hand guards.  Would still like to get a stabilizer before too long…

So, anybody up for a ride later this week?  I’ve got a few days off :/



I’d hate to leave you unsatisfied with my lack of web-riding, so here are some of the videos that have kept me entertained this winter:


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