Sink Hollow – Snowslide – Davis – Highline

September 03

Yeah, I know I’m behind on posting a few rides, I’ll catch up one of these days, but I was just happy to get out and ride this weekend! This summer has been packed with family reunions, little vacation and tons of yard work. Couple that with a super long spring and closed roads into July and that really put a damper on the moto schedule for the year. Thanks to Chaz for making me feel guilty enough to ditch the landscaping and load up the moto.

Conditions were dusty, but it was beautiful out there. I think it’s still a lot greener up there that usual for this time of year, and there is still more water in all the little creeks. We got up there early and only saw one other ATV and two other motos the entire ride, which was unbelievable considering the long Labor day weekend. There were a lot of campers in all the camp spots though.

Wally had a little mishap in Gibson basin, came off his bike in 4th gear and tumbled until his bike drilled him in the back and landed on top of him. He was also in the back so nobody was there to help him out. We waited at the top of snowslide until he rolled up and looked pretty battered. He split off there and rolled home, when I talked to him later that night he said he was pretty soreā€¦ sorry man! Get better soon!

Crew: Wally, Chaz, Shawn, and me.


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