Highline – Sugar Creek – Albert Moser

July 23

One day, while camping with his family, Chaz stumbled across a new-to-us moto trail at the back of the Albert Moser campground up Cub River, ID. He mentioned it to me and we thought it’d be fun to go check it out. We started over by Beaver Mountain and went up Sink Hollow, then took the Highline trail over to Danish pass. At Danish pass, we took the road down for a couple of miles until we turned off on an ATV trail that I’m pretty sure is called Sugar Creek, it was steep and fairly rocky and eventually dumped us a dirt road that ended at the Cub River road. After hitting the pavement, we made our way up to the Albert Moser Campground, at the back of one of the campsites is the trailhead marked as “306” on the marker, but “108” on the map. It was steep, narrow, and very grown over, but we had a blast making our way back. The trail is not marked very well at all and it took a little trial-n-error and a lot of scrolling on the GPS to figure out which way to go. We were boiling over, our bikes were boiling over, and JayZ melted the “Y” connector for the coolant and lost all his radiator fluid. Eventually the trail took us back to the Sugar Creek trail that we had come down and ended up being a good ~55-mile loop (gps batteries died and lost a few miles on the stats below).

We definitely need to go back and explore some of those other trails in that neck of the woods.

Crew: Chaz, Codie, JayZ and me.

Full picture album:


p.s. Just found out I’m a bachelor this August 5-7, so I want to ride all three days… light ride on Thursday because I have a hockey game late that night, good ride on Friday, and an all-dayer on Saturday. Txt or Call me if you’re in for any one of those!


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