June 23

Went on an after-work ride with just Tim and Chaz up Providence Canyon. The switchbacks up the ziggy trail were hairy, but conditions were really good and I was able to conquer the steep rocky climb on the first try for the first time ever. The views were awesome from on top and the riding was really good.

On the way up the canyon, Tim peeled off to the right at the bottom of the quarry and climbed straight up the slag pile over the top! On the way back down Chaz and I watched him drop back down off of it. He made it look so easy. Chaz dropped down but got out of the sweet spot hits some big ruts and just about ate it going way too fast at the bottom… he barely got stopped before climbing the mountain on the other side of the road… *whew* I saw what he did and made a mental note not do do that. I dropped in poorly, stalled it right at the top –> got crossed up to the one side, then the other –> was trying to find a graceful way off the bike when the next thing I knew I was flying in the air –> hit the ground, saw sky then dirt sky dirt sky –> tried to dig in the heels and elbows to get stopped… the ground was like cement with sharp rocks sprinkled on top. Thanks to Tim for rescuing my bike while I did the whole wind-knocked-out-of-me-seeing-stars-looped-out-routine. In the famous words of Tracy Jordan (referring to upper proving grounds), “I don’t care if i ever see that ledge [slagpile] again.” 🙂


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