September 11

Lance and I decided that we had enough of work and decided to ditch out early to get a much needed and deserved good long ride in.  In the rush to get out the door, I naturally forgot my camera and there would have been some beautiful shots… small forest fire right next to the trail (later we found out it was supposedly a controlled burn), wildlife, good trail, and great conditions.

I think we got on the trail around 4:30 and we bit off a little more than we could chew.  I took a couple of wrong turns coming out of Davis that cost us a bunch of time and we got hung up in some pretty good logs on one section of the trail… not sure why I put new blinkers on my bike, I broke them both off on this trail… Anyway, it was well after sundown and dark by the time we got up to highline and Lance doesn’t have a headlight.  Not only that, he had completely broken his foot brake off on a rock before we even got to the bloomington trail, so he was riding with only a front brake.  It was a fun adventure and a great ride, I was beat and sore the next day… but ready to do it again!  Thanks for the ride!


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